The TCEforum is a mobile care service for eating disorder patients in Munich. It was founded in 2008 by Dr. M. Gerlinghoff and Dr. H. Backmund together with former patients with the goal to improve the prognosis and diagnosis of eating disorders. This institution provides a whole spectrum of services, from prevention to aftercare: 

  • Prevention: informational workshops for schoolchildren, students, teachers and parents as well as relevant medical practitioners such as dieticians, psychotherapists, and school psychologists.
  • Early diagnosis and intervention:¬† counseling, encouragement to undergo therapy, guided eating and family workshops, bridging waiting times for ambulant and (semi-)stationary care; as well as
  • Relapse prevention: case management, crisis intervention, Refresh-Days, art workshops, and an online concept (e.g. for former patients who are now abroad)

Besides specialists, the Forum team also includes former patients. In the past, Ingvild Goetz has supported various activities of the TCE Forum. She is currently enabling the TCE Forum to publish an informational brochure.

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