SchlaU Übergang Schule-Beruf | Trägerkreis Junge Flüchtlinge e.V. 

Since the beginning of 2016, Ingvild Goetz has helped fund the program SchlaU Übergang Schule-Beruf (Clever Transition from School to Vocation), a program sponsored by Junge Flüchtlinge e.V. (Young Refugees Association). It is a program for graduates of the Munich SchlaU Schule, where unaccompanied minors can acquire a scholastic diploma, opening new doors for them; further support, however, is essential for students so they can sustainably master future challenges. Joint instruction with native speakers and working with textbooks present new and challenging obstacles for these young people following their graduation. SchlaU Übergang Schule-Beruf provides school-based after-care in the rooms of the SchlaU school. Teachers stay in close contact with the training firms and schools to ensure the success of the subsequent schooling and training. In addition to scholastic support, the young people can continue to participate in the socio-educational counseling services. With the financial help provided by Ingvild Goetz, the program’s services have been expanded quantitatively and qualitatively. Ingvild Goetz finds it particularly important that services are tailored to the female graduates. 



Lighthouse Welcome Center | Lichterkette e.V., Innere Mission München 

In cooperation with the Innere Mission München (Inner Mission Munich) and Lichterkette (Light Chain), Ingvild Goetz launched the "Lighthouse Welcome Center" in 2014/15 and helped fund its construction. The Lighthouse Welcome Center is a gateway for refugees arriving at Munich's initial reception center in the Bavarian Barracks. Approximately 100 trained volunteers working in shifts from 8am to 8pm welcome refugees and inform them about important and interesting activities and places in the center, local surroundings and the city of Munich. 



Endowed chair „Clinical and Therapeutic Foundations of Day-Hospital Treatment of Eating Disorders“, TU Dresden 

From 2002 to 2012 Ingvild Goetz supported fundamental and intervention research of eating disorders. In 2004, with the help of her husband, Dr. Stephan Goetz, she endowed a professorship at the Technical University of Dresden.

Since then, Prof. Dr. Corinna Jacobi has been testing new therapeutic concepts, including their short- and long-term effectiveness, and assessing the possibilities of their inclusion in the national health care system. A day clinic of the university furthers the implementation of a holistic neurobiological and clinical psychology research programme, providing further research evidence into all forms of eating disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating as well as other underlying forms of eating disorders).

At the end of April 2009, the professorship became a permanent one, thanks to the help of funding from the Free State of Saxony.

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The TCEforum is a mobile care service for eating disorder patients in Munich. It was founded in 2008 by Dr. M. Gerlinghoff and Dr. H. Backmund together with former patients with the goal to improve the prognosis and diagnosis of eating disorders. This institution provides a whole spectrum of services, from prevention to aftercare.

Besides specialists, the Forum team also includes former patients. In the past, Ingvild Goetz has supported various activities of the TCE Forum. Recently she enabled the TCE Forum to publish an informational brochure.