Eating disorders

Anorexia is still a taboo issue. Despite their emotional distress, affected individuals do not discuss it, and family members are often helpless, tormented or sometimes even ignorant of the issue. Particularly in rural areas, there is a lack of public awareness-raising, specialized clinics and skilled experts. This is what moved Ingvild Goetz many years ago to engage herself for research, counseling and treatment of eating disorders and to support these activities both personally and financially.


In spring 2013, Ingvild Goetz sold a small part of her artworks to expand her long-standing commitment to those suffering from eating disorders, among others. Ingvild Goetz intends to support various projects and organizations throughout Germany with the proceeds from the sale.


To obtain as comprehensive as possible an overview of eating disorders and weaknesses in the provision of healthcare, the first project that Ingvild Goetz supported was a study on eating disorders carried out by the non-profit organization Forum for Active Philanthropy ( Based on this study, Ingvild Goetz is currently examining a number of options for funding organizations and projects that are active in the field of eating disorders.


In 2014, Ingvild Goetz intends to identify concrete projects that can make a contribution in the fight against eating disorders in cooperation with some of the leading organizations in this field.


ANAD Dialog (ANAD e.V., Munich)

The interactive counseling platform ANAD-Dialog was developed many years ago with the support of Aktion Mensch of the Munich-based ANAD e.V. Thanks to Ingvild Goetz’s support since 2014, the platform has been able to continue its work. The counseling platform is aimed at those suffering from eating disorders and their relatives, as well as therapists, doctors and teachers; its goal is to provide counseling and guidance for these groups independent of their location. It is a highly specialized, low-threshold consulting portal, which is tailored to the individual needs of the user. The goal is to offer a complete consulting chain from providing non-binding, general information to personal face-to-face counseling.


FZE - Counselling and assistance for parents and relatives of anorexia patients (Frankfurter Zentrum für Ess-Störungen gGmbH)

With Ingvild Goetz's financial support, the Frankfurter Zentrum für Ess-Störungen (Frankfurt Center for Eating Disorders) is implementing a project for relatives of eating disorder patients. Through various coordinated counselling and coaching modules, services for parents and relatives are being established. These include both telephone and online-based counselling services, as well as personal individual and group coaching. Sigrid Borse, managing director of the Frankfurt Center for Eating Disorders, is very pleased "that Ms. Goetz is addressing the important topic of anorexia. Thanks to her support, we can close gaps in care that are not yet covered by regular funding. In this way, new and promising approaches and treatments can be developed and tested in the field of anorexia".


Waage e.V. online (former "Tischgespräche")

The project "Waage e.V. online" was developed and realized by the Hamburg-based foundation Waage e.V. and funded by Ingvild Goetz. It helps provide professional support to the parents and siblings of a family member affected by an eating disorder. A low-threshold entry into the psychosocial auxiliary system is made possible via the Internet, and online consulting is provided via an online portal. In addition, contact is established between relatives to promote self-help (online and offline) and personal meetings are organized in regional support groups. Deficiencies in regional care systems can be counter-balanced in this way.


Netzwerk Essstörungen Sachsen | Uniklinikum Dresden (Network for Eating Disorders Saxony University Hospital Dresden) 

The “Netzwerk Essstörungen Sachsen” (NESSA) (Network for Eating Disorders Saxony (NESSA)) was founded in 2016 by representatives of the Clinic for Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, the Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Psycho-social Medicine and Developmental Neurosciences Department of the University Hospital Dresden. Compared to other German states, specialized health care for patients with eating disorders is inadequate in Saxony and other new federal states. A central concern of the network’s founding members was the establishment of a multi-professional care network in the Saxony area in order to implement guideline-compliant, efficient and well-networked care for patients of all ages with eating disorders as well as to provide support for their families and relatives. To this end, the cooperation between those who advise and treat individuals with eating disorders and their relatives was improved. The focus is on professional exchange, further training and quality assurance as well as the establishment of a sustainable network structure. The success of these measures continues to be scientifically evaluated. Ingvild Goetz’s financial support has enabled the hiring of personnel needed to professionalize and intensify network activities.


Ninette - Thin is not thin enough (Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH, Berlin)

With the financial support of Ingvild Goetz, the Interactive Media Foundation has developed a nationwide interactive platform - - to educate individuals about and help prevent eating disorders. The platform primarily targets girls between 11 and 15 years. The central feature of "Ninette - Thin is not thin enough" is an interactive comic. Told in eleven episodes is the story of a girl Janette who gets pulled into the vortex of anorexia, but fights her way back into life with therapeutic help and support of her friends and family. In the comic and on the entire platform, support, background Information and for the first time, an online consultation service have been integrated. The contents were developed together with experts from specialist institutions.


Former Federal Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, had taken over the patronage for the project.