Geflüchtete Frauen stärken | IMEDANA e.V.


Since 2016, Ingvild Goetz has helped fund the IMEDANA e.V. project Geflüchtete Frauen stärken (Strengthen Refugee Women) in Nuremberg. Since 2007, IMEDANA e.V. has been the supporting foundation for “International Women's Café,” a start-up and counseling center for female refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as their children and families. With the additional financial support provided by Ingvild Goetz, the program’s services were expanded and the organization strengthened. Refugee women receive comprehensive counseling and guidance, and, in special cases, material assistance in emergency situations. In addition, a seminar is offered once a year for 60 women and children to provide them with a brief respite from their daily worries and fears. IMEDANA e.V. works closely with the target group and as well as other groups, making its services exceptionally well received. Another goal of the project is to develop the organization further so that it can continue to implement its work in the future. Ingvild Goetz also supports IMEDANA with donations in kind. 


EXPRESS YOURSELF & film evenings | Innere Mission München


With the Innere Mission München (Inner Mission Munich), Ingvild Goetz supports educational activities, including music and painting lessons and film studies. For many years, she has funded various projects that are designed to promote greater tolerance. A music teacher regularly conducts music and singing lessons as part of the EXPRESS YOURSELF project. The project also includes painting groups for children and adults. For the many different nationalities and religions, which are not always amiable to one another but must live together in a small space, such lessons and groups are liberating. Several times a week, film evenings are offered separately for men and women, for which Ingvild Goetz provides the appropriate equipment. These evenings are meant to help the viewers to escape the worries of everyday life.




As a passionate collector of media art, Ingvild Goetz has been supporting the integrative media project KONTAKTlinse in the Villa Stuck museum since 2010. There, unaccompanied underager refugees and German pupils can use video art to express things of importance to them.  


The Art Foundation Ingvild and Stephan Goetz invites unaccompanied minor refugees to workshops with the title "Be a Star!". The art educational format of the workshop was designed by the Sammlung Goetz and the art agency Filomele. 


Nothilfe Fonds Syrien | Save the Children Deutschland e.V.


In 2015/16, Ingvild Goetz supported the emergency aid fund ‘Save the Children’ in Syria and neighboring countries to help those who remained behind in war zones. For many girls and boys living with their families in Syria, every day is a struggle for survival. Violence, a lack of care, sickness and hunger force many children and their families to flee, even within the country. The living conditions in Syria change constantly and are not always predictable. For people in need, it is often necessary to take advantage of very short timeframes to ensure the supply of essential goods. Ingvild Goetz, therefore, decided to help fund one of Save the Children’s emergency aid funds for Syria. This fund provides local employees with the opportunity to react quickly and unbureaucratically to new situations, especially within Syria, and to swiftly expand existing aid, be this for emergency shelters, food and drinking water, or access to education and psychosocial help amid the acute crisis.