ANAD is a reception center for people with eating disorders and their relatives. The organization provides information on the different forms of eating disorders and provides those afflicted of all ages with assisted living and therapy and also counsels relatives, friends and pedagogues on how to deal with the disorder. In addition, ANAD tries to bring the issue into the forefront of the social conscience through lectures and seminars.

In order to make this institution better known and to support it with donations, Ingvild Goetz organized an exhibition in 2006 in her collection’s exhibition space of the German photographer Martin Schoeller (former assistant of the renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz).  His close portraits showed in raw form the bodies of individuals afflicted by eating disorders. The photographer relinquished for good causes all payment and released the photographs for purchase in limited edition. All proceeds went directly without any deductions to the psychosocial counseling service of ANAD.

The photographic works are still available for purchase.  Further information can be found here and