Ingvild Goetz was born in 1941 in Kulm, West Prussia (now part of Poland). She discovered her passion for art early in life. She first established an art publishing house, followed by an art gallery in Zurich called art in progress which she subsequently relocated to Munich. In the 1980s she retired from art trade, and since then has dedicated herself to building up her own art collection. In 1993 she constructed an exhibition space which she opened to the public free of charge – this space regularly plays host to works from her collection (

In addition to her many other accolades, in 2011 Ingvild Goetz was awarded the First Class Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Her main focus has always been unknown, often inaccessible and difficult perspectives in contemporary art. These frequently address themes of self-reflection, politics and social criticism. As a result, Ingvild Goetz is interested in outsiders and fringe groups in all of her charitable projects, and is involved with each both financially and personally. These groups often include those not noticed by mainstream society: asylum seekers and people suffering from eating disorders, for example, or young monks in Nepal completely cut off from the outside world.